Fiberglassing Job

We fiberglass the old conventional way. The following steps are followed:

  1. Anchor undercoping using brushes.
  2. Fiberglass tiles are applied after preparation. Many motifs are available.
  3. Sand the entire surface under the tiles.
  4. Apply the pool coating in any colour required. The most popular is sky blue.
  5. Apply any tile motif on the edge of the steps.

There is a choice of two basic thicknesses, namely:

  1. 450g/m² of glass (chopped strand matt)
  2. 300g/m² of glass

The 450g/m² us recommended because it forms a strong enough lining on its own, even if the substrate of the pool is under question. The 300g/m² method can also be used, but the lifespan of the fiberglass is shorter. After the final pool coat, it is important to leave the whole structure to dry out for a few days. Our workmanship carries a five year guarantee on the 450g/m² method, even though there is a ten year or more life expectancy.

The benefits of fiberglassing: