New Pumps, Filters and Chlorinators

We supply and install mainly locally manufactured pumps and filters in support of South African products, and also because spares are readily available.


Pumps with sludge traps and baskets vary from 0.4 KW to 1.5 KW.


Filters vary from 1 to 7 bag sand filters

Note: The pump to filter ratio is important. For example, a 0.75 KW pump to a 3 bag sand filter (the most popular). Putting a 1.1 KW pump to a 2 bag sand filter could blow it up.


Chlorinators effectively replace the need to physically add chlorine to the pool, as it does this automatically. One big advantage is the fact that there is no total dissolved solid build up when a salt chlorinator is used as opposed to conventional granular chlorine.

We install salt water chlorinators which are imported from Australia.